天网2019| IT TAKES | 渴望•爱•瞬间


  2019年,国际女子网球协会(WTA)以IT TAKES全新系列SLOGAN作为引领,邀请全球合作伙伴和球迷行动起来,共同提高全世界女性在体育运动中的参与度,强调运动改变人生的理念。

In 2019, the International Women's Tennis Association (WTA) led a new series SLOGAN—IT TAKES, inviting global partners and fans to encourage the participation of women in sports and emphasize the concept of sports changing life.


As one of WTA International Tour, TianjinOpen has been delivering the concept of gender equality since her inception,encouraging more and more female participate in tennis and chase their dream.

  2019天津公开赛将IT TAKES系列SLOGAN与自身气质相结合,形成IT TAKES DESIRE(突破渴望)、IT TAKES LOVE(体悟真爱)、IT TAKES MOMENTS(凝聚瞬间)三个主题概念。

2019 Tianjin Open combined the series SLOGAN—IT TAKES with her own temperament and formed the three themes: IT TAKES DESIRE, IT TAKES LOVE and IT TAKES MOMENTS.


The three themes will continue throughout the 2019 Tianjin Open, showing the charm of women's tennis and spreading the tennis culture.

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