Begin the dream, Battle your heart.

In 2014, the WTA Tianjin Open was first held, which has successfully received good recognitions from the organizers of WTA and the tennis players. Moreover, a lot of Chinese famous tennis players come from Tianjin, where it has a very good tennis atmosphere.

In 2015, the prize of Tianjin Open is 500 thousand dollars. Not only the prize money was doubled compared to last year, but also the Hawkeye Technology was introduced. Therefore, the WTA Tianjin Open has developed from a highly acclaimed new tournament to an international tennis feast which makes every player impressed.

The 2016 WTA Tianjin open, which gives out $500,000 in prize money , will be held in Tuanbo International Tennis Center from Oct. 10th to 16th. Then it will attract more international tennis stars to come to Tianjin, creating the opportunities for the tennis enthusiasts to contact with tennis stars and setting off a craze for tennis in Tianjin.

The Tianjin open is dedicating to create their own brand for becoming one of the most influential tournaments of WTA. This year, The Organizing Committee will provide more versatile experience for the players, judges, fans, the Media, sponsors, the staff and volunteers.

The Tianjin open big family is looking forward to meeting each participant and supporter of them, and also anticipates that they could grow up together with each other.

For getting more information about the tournament, please visit the official website: WWW.TIANJINOPEN.COM